Assunta Napolitano Camilo


Mechanical engineer from São Paulo University (USP) Polytechnical School, in Brazil, with specialization
in Industrial Administration from FCAV/USP and in Marketing from ESPM and Business School. Additionally,
she attended other courses in Brazil and abroad and took part in internships in the United States and Germany.
She has over 39 years of experience in the packaging market, with expertise in the areas of development, strategic
planning, and business management, having worked with Cyklop, DixieToga, TetraPak, and Ripasa. Also, a writer
and international speaker, she has covered themes such as packaging, trends and innovation, sustainability, among
others. She has participated in major national and international events and fairs like InterPack, K, Emballage,
Chinaplas, Canton Fair, Tokyo Pack, Envase, Anuga, Drupa, Pack Expo, Drinktec, SIAL, ISM, Ambalaj, and Andina.

She has won national and international awards, including Professional of the Year in 2011 and the 2013 Embanews Brazilian Packaging Award. Currently, she is the Director of FuturePack and Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute).

Simone Ruiz

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from Oswaldo Cruz University, with a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Projects, Climate Change, and Carbon Corporate Management from Paraná State University (UFPR). She also holds an MBA in Strategic Planning and Management. She worked for 24 years in the areas of Research and Development of Packaging, Quality, and Innovation Management. She has worked at Nestlé, Mondelēz, and Antilhas Embalagens. Simone also took courses related to packaging in the United States and Europe. She conducted projects of leading brands in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. She coordinated development projects for various types of packaging. She is a co-author of the Better Packaging Better World collection. Currently, Simone is a senior consultant at Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute) and FuturePack.

Margaret Hayasaki

Journalist graduated from Júlio de Mesquita Filho São Paulo State University (UNESP-Bauru), with a post graduate degree in Business Communications from Cásper Líbero Foundation. She has been involved in packaging journalism for 25 years. She has written for Embanews Magazine and is now the editor-in-chief of Pack Magazine and a communications consultant at Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute).

Edenilson Santos


He has a specialization in Digital Design from Centro Universitário FIEO (UNIFIEO) and a postgraduate
degree in Packaging: Project Management from the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI). He is
a postgraduate student in Marketing, Strategic Management and Value Generation at FIA. He is currently a Marketing and Communications analyst at Instituto de Embalagens.


Antonio Andrade de Paula
Chemical engineer from Brazil’s Industrial Engineering School (FEI), having attended packaging specialization courses in the United States and Germany. He has been working in the packaging market since 1976 at companies from different segments, such as converters (Toga, Itap, Overprint), producers of films and special resins (AlliedSignal) and equipment (FEVA), and he is a technical consultant for flexible packaging. He is presently an instructor at Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute), co-author of various books part of the Better Packaging Better World collection, and coordinator of the Flexible Packaging and Processes area.

Claudio Marcondes
Material engineer from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCAR). He has also post-graduation degrees in Finance Administration from FAAP, Marketing Business Administration from ESPM, Strategic Innovation Management from Unicamp, and Packaging from the Michigan State University. He has more than
28 years of experience in the areas of product and nanotechnology market development. Currently, he is a Master’s student in Materials Engineering at Unicamp and consultant in nanotechnology. He is a teacher at Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute) and coordinator of the Materials area.


Bianca Voloshyn Nogueira
Graduated in Nutrition and Marketing from the University of São Paulo (USP). Post-graduated in Development of New Food Products from SENAI Horácio Augusto da Silveira Technology Faculty. Marketing professional with experience in marketing strategy and management, market intelligence, and category and product marketing. Category specialist for food and non-alcoholic beverages at Owens-Illinois.

Elcio de Sousa
Graphic technician, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Guarulhos, and post-graduated in Production Management from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He specialized in Graphic Production at the Training Center for Graphic Arts in Chemnitz, in Germany, and holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Processes from the University of Campinas (Unicamp). Director of SENAI Barueri School and SENAI Theobaldo De Nigris School. Professor and consultant in several companies in the graphic arts and packaging areas; professor at the postgraduate course in Packaging Engineering at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia and Instituto de Embalagens. He has worked in companies such as Editora Abril and Van Leer Embalagens Industriais and is a member of ISO’s international standards committee for the graphic segment.

Eliane Romero
Graduated in Letters from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Fundação Santo André (FSA), and post-graduated in Business Management from the University of São Caetano do Sul (USCS), she has been working for 26 years in the packaging sector. Commercial Director at Silgan White Cap do Brasil Ltda., a leading company in the twist-off metal caps segment.

Emilio Carlos Cury
Engineer graduated from Centro Universitário FEI, with specialization in industrial administration from Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo and MBA in business management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has over 40 years of experience in the areas of process engineering, quality, packaging, finished products and production within the Wheaton Group. He started his career as an intern and, for more than 15 years, has been working as an industrial decoration manager.

Eric Fresnel
Graduated from a business school, he completed a course in business administration from an American university with a specialization in industrial marketing. He joined Sleever International in 1980, where he successively held positions in sales, marketing management, and general management. Currently the president of Sleever International.

Glaucia Boner de Oliveira
Designer graduated in Visual Communication from Armando Álvares Penteado School (FAAP) and postgraduated in Applied Consumer Sciences from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM). Graphic design, packaging, and visual communication professional with over 30 years of experience, participating in the creation and development of brands and packaging for the most respected companies in the country. She develops editorial projects, campaigns, and actions for marketing and communications, promotion, and incentive.
She participates in forums, international fairs, and packaging congresses and taught design courses at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) and Instituto de Embalagens. Managing partner of Ideia Viva Strategic Intelligence and Communication.

Gustavo de Sousa
Metallurgical engineer graduated from the Federal University of Ouro Preto. Professional with 11 years of experience in the steel industry in hot and cold rolling of flat steel and five years of experience in the metal packaging sector. He is currently the Industrial Manager of Silgan White Cap do Brasil.

José Donizetti da Silva
Degree in Mechanical Technician from ETEP Faculdades and Degree in Business and Business Administration from Universidade Do Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP), MBA in Project Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Marketing professional with experience in product development and innovations in the packaging and home appliances market, product engineering, process and production for all food and beverage categories at Owens-Illinois.

Luciano da Silva
Graduated in Quality Technology from the University Braz Cubas (UBC). MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Quality and manufacturing professional with experience in quality management systems, strategy and management, customer support, and negotiation. Quality Manager for South America at Owens-Illinois.

Ricardo Antônio Cristofalo Lopes
He is an engineer graduated from Universidade Santa Cecília (UNISANTA) and has a postgraduate degree and an MBA in business management. He has over 25 years of experience in the production, development, and marketing areas of the Wheaton Group. He started his career as an intern, moving to the production engineering area, later to product development as an engineer, and for more than eight years he has worked as a product development manager. In the last six years, he has also taken the role of marketing and innovation manager for the Wheaton group.

Silvio Rotta
Electrical engineer graduated in 1993 from Escola de Engenharia Mauá, with a postgraduate degree in Industrial Administration from Fundação Carlos Alberto Vanzolini (USP) in 1998, and Commercial Management from Alcoa University, in the United States, in 2006. Took charge of the Sales area of Krones in Brazil in 2007, after leaving Alcoa’s commercial management. He is currently a director at Krones.

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