The Instituto de Embalagens has been working, since 2005, with research and education on packaging, bringing to the industry’s professionals updated information based on our belief: Better Packaging. Better World!


Our mission is to coordinate and conduct studies, courses, meetings and training sessions that contribute to improving the knowledge on packaging, and our vision is to be the packaging knowledge center in Brazil.


Since the creation of our Packaging Reference Kit, our first educational material, we have already produced 14 books. We have conducted 70 courses and 90 events while training and bringing up-to-date information to more than 6,000 professionals.


We maintain the portal www.clubedaembalagem.com.br with news, suppliers’ guide, opportunities, among other information, as well as the international website www.betterpackagingbetterworld.com.


As a result, we have been able to bring the most recent data on packaging to professionals everywhere, always presenting what is relevant to our sector.






This collection began with the book, released in 2014, that brings in its title the Packaging Institute’s belief “Better Packaging. Better World.” Because of the success of the first book and its website, combined with the establishment of a worldwide distribution network, we decided to develop all books, starting from 2016, in two languages (Portuguese and English).


The second book from this series is called “Embalagens Flexíveis – Flexible Packaging”, the third is called “Embalagens Papelcartão – Paperboard Packaging.” And forth is called “Embalagens Alumínio – Packaging Aluminum – Envases Aluminio”. All of them will be on the same website platform, which will be the channel of the collection: www.betterpackagingbetterworld.com


We believe that knowledge about packaging must be spread beyond Brazil, and thus achieve more industry professionals. Knowledge is an important tool for development, and can create a more comfortable life for more people. Packaging is an important tool of modern life and this “integrated system” needs to be better understood and recognized for its value, making packaging a hero instead of a villain. Although little is known about this science, it is important to show the world the importance of packaging and why it is so relevant to our lives.


In this collection, we take the chance to explain the entire packaging system: from the concept to final disposal, including marketing, design, materials, processes, equipment and sustainability. The goal is to create a collection accessible to everyone, no matter the technical knowledge.


The collection was organized by a multidisciplinary team, who have made all the efforts to build a complete and organized work. Each chapter was written by invited authors that are experts in diversified fields and are respected in the Brazilian and global markets. They shared their experience and knowledge with the intention to capacitate new professionals and help new minds create and innovate.


In such way, we intend to continue spreading our belief: